Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

Reporting mark: BSVY
This heritage railroad was started in 1983 by a group of volunteers primarily to preserve a scenic section of the former Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad. The original track was built in the 1890s and electrified in 1907, close in 1955. The Chicago & North Western (CNW) purchased the entire FDDMS in 1968 for $50,000. This stretch of track through the Des Moines River valley includes a beautiful high bridge over Bass Point Creek and it runs approximately twelve miles from Boone through the small town of Fraser, Iowa and ends at the site of the former town of Wolf, Iowa.

B&SV - Bass Point High Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Built 1913
Deck girder bridge over Bass Point Creek on Boone & Scenic Valley (former FtDDM&S) Railroad northeast of Logansport
Open to traffic

B&SV - Des Moines River Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Built 1915, North End Rebuilt 1923
Deck plate girder bridge over Des Moines River on Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
Open to traffic

I Avenue Overpass (Boone County, Iowa)
Steel stringer bridge over Railroad on I Avenue
Open to traffic

Pilcher's Overhead (Boone County, Iowa)
Timber stringer bridge over Railroad on Mallard Avenue
Open to traffic