Blue Ridge Railroad

Reporting mark: BR
Blue Ridge Tunnel (Nelson County, Virginia)
Built 1858; abandoned 1944; reopened for pedestrians 2020
Tunnel under Rockfish Gap on pedestrian trail
Open to pedestrians

Greenwood Tunnel (Albemarle County, Virginia)
Built 1850-1853
Abandoned tunnel on Blue Ridge Railroad

Middle Tunnel (Oconee County, South Carolina)
Built 1953
Abandoned tunnel
Derelict/abandoned - Majority of tunnel was filled in in the early 1900s

NS - Three and Twenty Creek Bridge (Anderson County, South Carolina)
Deck truss bridge over Three and Twenty Creek & US-76/SC-28 on Norfolk Southern Railway
Open to traffic

Saddle Tunnel (Oconee County, South Carolina)
Built 1853
Historic Railroad Tunnel