US 259

KCS - US259 Overpass (Morris County, Texas)
Built 1959
Steel stringer bridge over US 259, TX 49 & TX 11 on KCS Railroad
Open to traffic

Little River Bridge (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1938; Replaced 2017
Through truss bridge over Little River on EB US 70/ NB US 259

Red River Bridge (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 1961
Steel stringer bridge over Red River on US 259
Undergoing replacement and pending demolition

UP - US 259 Overpass (Gregg County, Texas)
Built 1953
Steel stringer bridge over US 259 on UPRR
Open to traffic

Yashau Creek Bridge (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1936; Replaced 2014
Pony truss bridge over Yashau Creek on US 70/259
Replaced by a new bridge