AR 16

Cannon Creek Bridge (Madison County, Arkansas)
Built 1929 by Walsh & Thomas of Benton, Arkansas. Made obsolete by new bridge in 1988, but kept open to traffic because condition was good.
Curved concrete bridge over Cannon Creek on CR 5340 (Old AR 16)
Open to one-lane traffic

Lakefront Resort Bridge (Cleburne County, Arkansas)
Built 1938 by the Works Progress Administration
Concrete arch bridge on Lakefront Resort Rd (Old AR 16) at Lakefront Resort, near Edgemont
Open to traffic

Narrows Bridge (Cleburne County, Arkansas)
Built 1961 in conjunction with the creation of the lake
Continuous through truss bridge over Little Red River (Greers Ferry Lake) on AR 16 between Higden and Greers Ferry
Open to traffic

White River AR 16 Bridge (Washington County, Arkansas)
Lost open-spandrel arch bridge over White River on AR 16, near Fayetteville
No longer exists