Texarkana, Texas

4th Street Ramp (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 1975
Ramp from Texas Viaduct NB to W 4th St
Open to one-lane traffic above and below

KCS - US 82 Overpass (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 1954
Steel stringer bridge over US 82 on KCS Railroad
Open to traffic

Nix Creek Bridge (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 1950
Culvert bridge over Nix Creek on Day Street
Closed to all traffic

South State Line Ave Bridge (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 2004
Beam bridge over Loop 151 on South State Line Avenue
Open to traffic

Swampoodle Creek Bridge (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 1941; rehabilitated 1954
Culvert bridge over Swampoodle Creek on US 82
Open to traffic