Texarkana, Arkansas

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Hickory Street Viaduct (Miller County, Arkansas)
Built 1939: Replaced 2015
Concrete tee beam bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad on US 71 (Hickory Street) in Texarkana
Replaced by a new bridge

Nix Creek Bridge (Miller County, Arkansas)
Nix Creek Bridge east 9th street Texarkana Arkansas. Built 1950 by Clark Brothers Construction Company.
Stringer bridge over Nix Creek on East 9th Street / US 82
Open to traffic

Nix Creek US 71 Bridge (Miller County, Arkansas)
Built 1939
Concrete tee beam bridge over Nix Creek on Us 71
Open to traffic

South State Line Ave Bridge (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 2004
Beam bridge over Loop 151 on South State Line Avenue
Open to traffic

UP - US 71 Overpass (Miller County, Arkansas)
Built 1940
Steel stringer bridge over US 71 on Southern Pacific RR (now Union Pacific RR)
Open to traffic

US-71 Overpass (Miller County, Arkansas)
Built 1929; rehabilitated 1963
The bridge carries US 71 but there is no rails or traffic below the roadaway
Open to traffic