Selma, Alabama

Edmund Pettus Bridge (Dallas County, Alabama)
Built 1940; site of "Bloody Sunday" March 7, 1965
Steel through arch bridge over Alabama River on Business US 80 in Selma
Open to traffic

MBNR - Alabama River Bridge (Selma) (Dallas County, Alabama)
Parker through truss bridge over Alabama River on Meridian & Bigbee Railroad
Open to traffic

Selma Swing Bridge (Dallas County, Alabama)
Built 1884 and bridge demolished in 1940 due to construction of Edmund Pettus Bridge. Bridge Tender's House, however, has been preserved as a bed and breakfast.
Lost Bridge over Alabama River on Water Street in Selma

Valley Creek Bridge (Dallas County, Alabama)
Abandoned Pratt through truss bridge over Valley Creek on abandoned section of Cahaba Road in Selma