Raytown, Missouri

E. 63rd Street over CRI&P (Jackson County, Missouri)
First bridge, and second both have been replaced
Lost Open-spandrel arch bridge over Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

RI - E. 67th Street Overpass (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built between 1964 and 1970 when 67th was extended
Deck plate girder bridge over E 67th Street on Rock Island Trail (former CRI&P RR and siding)
Open to pedestrians

RI - Raytown Road Overpass (Jackson County, Missouri)
Abandoned beam bridge over Raytown Road on CRI&P RR
Abandoned, partially filled

Rock Island Trail Wildwood Trestle (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1903
Abandoned timber stringer bridge over Tributary of Little Blue River on CRI&P RR