Lackawanna, New York

BPRR - South Park Avenue Bridge (Erie County, New York)
Built 1915
Pony plate girder bridge over South Park Avenue on Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad
May officially be open, but track appears disused

Buffalo & Pittsburgh - I-90 Bridge (Erie County, New York)
Built 1956
Steel stringer bridge over Interstate 90 on Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Open to traffic

LV - Smoke Creek Bridge (Erie County, New York)
Abandoned closed-spandrel arch bridge over Smoke Creek on LV Lehigh & Lake Erie Branch

LV/NS Overpass (Erie County, New York)
Abandoned baltimore through truss bridge over Norfolk Southern (NKP Main Line) and Erie B&SW Division on LV Lehigh & Lake Erie Branch and Pennsylvania Railroad
Derelict/abandoned, spans over NS removed

SB - NKP/NYC Overpass (Erie County, New York)
Polygonal Warren through truss with all verticals bridge over NKP, NYC Main Lines on South Buffalo Railroad
Open to traffic