Independence, Kansas

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Elk River Bridge (Old) (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Lost Through truss bridge over Elk River on N Penn Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

Independence Bowstring (Verdigris River) Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1871 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Bowstring through truss bridge over Verdigris River at the end of Burns Street in Independence
Abandoned with deck missing and surrounded by overgrowth

Independence Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1940
Bridge over S 20th St, MoPac RR on US 160 / 75 in Independence
Open to traffic above and below

Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1911 by the Western Bridge Co.
Concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek on Pennsylvania Avenue in Independence
Open to traffic

SKOL - Main Street Overpass (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Pony/through plate girder bridge over W Main St on ATSF RR
Open to traffic

SKOL - Park Boulevard Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1918
Concrete Beam Bridge over Park Boulevard on South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
Open to traffic

SKOL - US75 Overpass (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1908
Deck plate girder bridge over Pennsylvania Avenue (US-75) on South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
Open to traffic

Verdigris River Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1960
Stringer bridge over Verdigris River on US 160
Open to traffic