Galena, Missouri

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Galena Wagon Bridge (Stone County, Missouri)
Built 1910-11 by the Western Bridge Co. Made obsolete by parallel Galena Y Bridge in 1927. Dismantled Spring 1929, with two spans reused in the Hootentown Bridge.
Lost three-span through truss bridge over James River at Galena
No longer standing, but one concrete pier remains

Galena Y Bridge (Stone County, Missouri)
Opened November 1927, replacing an earlier truss bridge. Made obsolete by a new highway bridge in 1986 and closed to vehicular traffic.
Five-span open-spandrel arch bridge with Y-shaped approach over James River at Galena
Open to pedestrians only

MNA - James River Bridge (Stone County, Missouri)
Plate girder bridge over James River and MO 248 on the MNA Railroad at Galena
Open to railroad traffic

Pine Run Bridge (Stone County, Missouri)
Built 1935
Steel stringer bridge over Pine Run on a private drive off MO 265/MO 413
Open to traffic

Pine Run Creek Bridge (Stone County, Missouri)
Built 1984
Stringer bridge over Pine Run Creek on Mo 248 W
Open to traffic

Railey Creek Bridge (Stone County, Missouri)
Built 1923 by contractor M.E. Gillioz; Replaced 2019
Through truss bridge over Railey Creek on MO 413 / MO 248 (formerly MO 13)
Replaced by a new bridge