Fort Madison, Iowa

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35th Street Overpass (Lee County, Iowa)
Built 1888 in Chicago, Illinois; Relocated Here 1934
Whipple through truss bridge over BNSF Fort Madison Yard on 35th Street in Fort Madison, Iowa
Open to traffic

BNSF - Dry Creek Bridge (Lee County, Iowa)
Abandoned bridge over Dry Creek on Railroad

BNSF - Fork Creek Bridge (Lee County, Iowa)
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Fork Creek on BNSF Railway
Open to traffic

BNSF - Jefferson Township Railroad Overpass (Lee County, Iowa)
Bridge over BNSF on BNSF
Open to traffic

BNSF - Penitentiary Creek Bridge (Lee County, Iowa)
Slab bridge over Penitentiary Creek on BNSF Railway
Open to traffic

Fort Madison Bridge (1888) (Lee County, Iowa)
Built 1888; Replaced 1923
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Mississippi River on Railroad and Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Fort Madison Bridge (1927) (Lee County, Iowa)
Built 1927
Toll double-decker through truss swing bridge over the Mississippi River on IA 2/IL 9/BNSF Railroad at Fort Madison
Open to traffic

French Creek Bridge (Lee County, Iowa)
Built 1900; closed 2010; demolished 2013
Masonry Arch bridge over French Creek on Avenue D in Fort Madison