Emporia, Kansas

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Soden Grove Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Built 1923; made obsolete by new bridge in 1987
Marsh arch bridge over Cottonwood River on old K-99 at Emporia
Open to pedestrians only

Soden's Mill Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Lost Post through truss bridge over Cottonwood River on South Commercial Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Unknown Road Tunnel (Lyon County, Kansas)
Tunnel on Unknown Road

Unnamed creek Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Built 1930
Culvert bridge over Unnamed creek on W. 6th Avenue (old US 50)
Open to traffic

Unnamed Creek Stone Arch Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Unnamed Creeek
Derelict/abandoned stone arch, with evidence of repairs

Us50 Hwy Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Built 1937; replaced 2005
Lost Slab bridge over Atsf Rr Ano 2 Streets on Us50 Hwy
Replaced by a new bridge

Waterworks Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Lost Through truss bridge over Neosho River on Prairie Street/ Road J
Replaced by a new bridge in 1974 and 2005