Dardanelle, Arkansas

Arkansas River Pontoon Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
At one time owned by the Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad, but no trains ever crossed it.
Lost Pontoon bridge over Arkansas River in Dardanelle. Once hailed as the "Longest pontoon bridge over moving water". Carried Old Military Road, a major route between Little Rock and Fort Smith.

Bayou Creek Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
Built 1935
Concrete tee beam bridge over Bayou Creek on Sh 155
Open to traffic

Dardanelle Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
Built 1929, replacing a pontoon bridge first built 1891. Replaced by a new bridge in 1971.
Lost through truss bridge over Arkansas River on AR 7 at Dardanelle
Replaced with a modern bridge