Albia, Iowa

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APNC - North 8th Street Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1915; ballasted timber deck added 1942; Replaced 1998
Lost Pony/through girder bridge over N. 8th St. on Wabash, later N&W, later NS, now APNC Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

APNC/BNSF Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Build 1924, Replaced 2012
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Railroad (BNSF) on Railroad (APNC)
Replaced by a new bridge

BNSF - 196th Street Bridge (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1927, Rebuilt 1980
Steel Stringer Bridge over 196th Street on BNSF Railway
Open to traffic

BNSF - IA5 Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1910
Lost Slab bridge over IA 5 on BNSF Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

Clinton Street Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad on Clinton Street/Albia Interurban Railway
No longer exists

ISRY - 13th Street Bridge (Monroe County, Iowa)
Original 13' pile trestle bridge at this location built 1899; renewed 1934 with this bridge
Steel stringer bridge over closed street (13th St.) on Iowa Southern Railway
Open to rail traffic

Wabash/CBQ Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Through-plate girder bridge w/concrete abutments, replaced by a newer bridge in 1924.
Lost Pony plate girder bridge over CB&Q Railroad on Wabash Railway
Replaced by a new bridge