Ackley, Iowa

Ackley Bridge (Franklin County, Iowa)
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Beaver Creek on Wren Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

CN - Beaver Creek Trestle (Prairie Bridges Park) (Franklin County, Iowa)
Abandoned 2014
Abandoned timber stringer bridge over Beaver Creek on former North Central Railway Authority
Derelict/abandoned with rails removed

Hardin Street Bridge (Hardin County, Iowa)
Built 1902
Timber stringer bridge over CN RR on Hardin Street

IA57 Overpass (Hardin County, Iowa)
Built 1932, Removed April 2013
Deck plate girder bridge over Illinois Central Railroad on IA57 / Old US 20 in Ackley
Replaced by a new bridge

Prairie Bridges Park Pony Bridge (Franklin County, Iowa)
Warren pony truss bridge over branch of Beaver Creek at Prarie Bridges Park north of Ackley
Open to traffic