William S. Moore

of South Bend, Indiana
During his long career in the South Bend area, he designed many such structures, as well as water and sewer systems, the reservoir in Leeper Park, as well as area real estate developments including Ridgedale in Twickenham Hills, Wedgewood, Miami Trails, Edison Park and East Gate. A native of Irvington (now part of Indianapolis), he received undergraduate and master's degrees in engineering from Purdue University.

In 1898 he moved to the South Bend area and served in various city engineering capacities and later as City Engineer for both South Bend and Mishawaka. For two years, from 1915-1917, he served as City Engineer for Grand Rapids, Michigan, then was appointed engineer to Indiana's first State Highway Commission. By 1922 he had returned to the South Bend area where he established his own engineering firm, maintaining his practice until 1959, when he retired. When he died, on October 21, 1969, many tributes to his contributions to his profession and to his community were expressed. In 1976, one of South Bend's fourteen bridges, the Logan Bridge, was renamed in his honor. The bridge, which had been dedicated in 1914, was an early product of his engineering skill.

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Ash Road Bridge (St. Joseph County, Indiana)
Built 1929
Concrete arch bridge over St. Joseph River on Ash Road
Open to traffic

Bridge Street Bridge (Elkhart County, Indiana)
Designer, 1939
Three-span concrete deck girder bridge over St. Joseph River on Bridge Street in Elkhart
Open to traffic

Elkhart Avenue Bridge (Elkhart County, Indiana)
Designer, 1928
Concrete arch bridge over Elkhart River on Elkhart Avenue in Elkhart
Open to traffic

Lincoln Avenue Bridge-Goshen (1927) (Elkhart County, Indiana)
Designer, 1927
Three-span concrete arch bridge over Elkhart River on Lincoln Avenue in Goshen
Open to traffic