William M. Hughes

of Chicago, Illinois
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B&SV - Bass Point High Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Designer, 1913
Deck girder bridge over Bass Point Creek on Boone & Scenic Valley (former FtDDM&S) Railroad northeast of Logansport
Open to traffic

B&SV - Des Moines River Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Designer, 1915
Deck plate girder bridge over Des Moines River on Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
Open to traffic

Chicago & Alton Railroad Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Designer, 1906
Moveable warren through truss with no verticals bridge over Bubbly Creek (South Fork of South Branch of Chicago River) on Chicago & Alton Railroad
Open to traffic

CTA Green Line - Englewood Rail Crossing (Cook County, Illinois)
Design, 1906
Pratt through truss bridge over Metra on Chicago Transit Authority
Open to traffic

CTA Stockyards Line - Racine Station Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Design, 1908
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Racine Avenue on Chicago Transit Authority
Removed but not replaced

CTA Stockyards Line/CWI Overpass (Cook County, Illinois)
Design, 1907
Lost Through truss bridge over Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad on Chicagoo Transit Authority

PTC - Illinois River Bridge (Peoria County, Illinois)
Built 1888
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Illinois River on Peoria Terminal Co.
Destroyed by collision