Lee Moor Contracting Co.

of El Paso, Texas
Gillespie Dam Bridge (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Built 1927
Through truss bridge over Gila River on Old US 80
Open to traffic

Salt River US 60 Bridge (Old) (Gila County, Arizona)
Built 1934
Steel arch bridge over Salt River on US 60
Intact, but bypassed by new bridge in 1993

UP - 6th Avenue Overpass (Pima County, Arizona)
Built 1930
Steel I-beam stringer bridge over 6th Ave on Union Pacific Railroad (formerly Southern Pacfic Railroad)
Open to traffic

UP - Central Avenue Underpass (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Built 1940
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Central Avenue on Union Pacific Railroad (formerly Southern Pacific Railroad)
Open to traffic