Kelly-Atkinson Construction Co.

of Chicago, Illinois
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Ashtabula Bridge (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Superstructure, 1925
Movable through truss bridge over Ashtabula River on West Fifth Street (OH 531) in Ashtabula
Open to traffic

BNSF - Columbia River Bridge (Clark County, Washington)
Erectors, 1908
Swing span through truss bridge over the Columbia River
Open to traffic

BNSF - Wallace River Bridge (Snohomish County, Washington)
Built 1906
Warren through truss bridge over Wallace River on BNSF Railway
Open to traffic

Chicago & Alton Railroad Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Substructure, 1906
Moveable warren through truss with no verticals bridge over Bubbly Creek (South Fork of South Branch of Chicago River) on Chicago & Alton Railroad
Open to traffic

Eads Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1874
Three-span steel arch bridge over the Mississippi River and N. Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd. in downtown St. Louis
Top deck open to four lanes of traffic with a pedestrian lane, bottom deck open to two tracks of MetroLink light rail service

FDDM - Shady Oak Bridge (Webster County, Iowa)
1907 Original Construction Erector, 1907
Pratt deck truss bridge over Des Moines River on former Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railroad at Shady Oak

Fort Dodge High Bridge (Webster County, Iowa)
Erection, 1902
Deck truss bridge over Des Moines River on railroad
Open to traffic

IC - Tennessee River Bridge (Marshall County, Kentucky)
Erection, 1905
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Lake Kentucky of the Tennessee River on Illinois Central RR
No longer exists

Meridian Bridge (Yankton County, South Dakota)
Built 1924
Vertical-lift through truss bridge over the Missouri River on US 81 at Yankton
Open to pedestrians only

Quincy Memorial Bridge (Adams County, Illinois)
Built 1930
Continuous through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on eastbound US 24 at Quincy
Open to two lanes of eastbound traffic

Soo Line High Bridge (Washington County, Minnesota)
Built 1910
Steel arch bridge over St. Croix River on Canadian National Railroad
Open to traffic

Thebes Bridge (Alexander County, Illinois)
Erection of superstructure, 1905
Cantilevered through truss railroad bridge over the Mississippi River at Thebes
Open to railroad traffic on two tracks

UP - Deering Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Erection, 1916
Warren Through Truss Bridge over North Branch Chicago River on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic

UP - Joso High Bridge (Walla Walla County, Washington)
Built 1914
Massive deck truss bridge over Snake River on the Union Pacific Railroad
Open to railroad traffic

UP - Shelbyville Bridge (Shelby County, Illinois)
1916 Strengthening, 1891
Pratt deck truss bridge over Kaskaskia River on Union Pacific Railroad in Shelbyville
Open to traffic