John A. Roebling

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Brooklyn Bridge (Kings County, New York)
Built 1883
Suspension bridge over East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York
Open to traffic

Delaware Aqueduct (Pike County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1848
Suspension bridge over Delaware River on the former Delaware & Hudson Canal
Open to one-lane traffic

Hancock Bridge (OLD) (Delaware County, New York)
Lost Wire suspension bridge over Delaware River
No longer exists

Roebling Suspension Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1866
Suspension bridge over the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Covington
Rehabilitation Completed

Smithfield Street Bridge 2nd (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1846
Lost Wire suspension bridge over Monongahela River on Smithfield Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Waste Weir Suspension Bridge (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Wire suspension bridge over A waste weir of the Delaware And Raritan Canal on Pedestrian pathway
Open to bicyclists & pedestrians only