Hazelet + Erdal

of Chicago, Illinois
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This company was the successor to the Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Company, and as such tended to specialize in movable bridges including rolling lifts, but also designed many other bridge types.

Big Mac Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Designer, 1977
Pair of tied-arch bridges over the Ohio River on I-471 in Cincinnati
Open to eight total lanes of traffic

Carroll Lee Cropper Bridge (Dearborn County, Indiana)
Design, 1977
Steel through arch bridge over Ohio River on I-275
Open to traffic

CSX - Biloxi Bay Bridge (Jackson County, Mississippi)
Design, 1981
Swing truss bridge over Back Bay of Biloxi
Open to traffic

CSX - Pascagoula River Bridge (Jackson County, Mississippi)
Design, 1989
Bascule bridge over Pascagoula River in Pascagoula
Open to traffic

Dyckman Avenue Bridge (Van Buren County, Michigan)
Design, 1967
Bascule bridge over Black River on Dyckman Avenue in South Haven
Open to traffic

Fox River Bascule Bridge (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Built 1973
Bascule bridge over Fox River on US 45 (S. Main Street) in Oshkosh
Open to traffic

Grand River Bridge (1960) (Ottawa County, Michigan)
Built 1960
Bascule bridge over Grand River on US 31
Open to traffic

Indianapolis Boulevard Bridge (Lake County, Indiana)
Design, 1985
Deck girder bridge over Lake George Indiana Harbor Canal on Indianapolis Boulevard
Open to traffic

John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Design, 1963
Cantilevered through truss bridge over Ohio River on I-65 in Louisville
Being reconfigured for one way traffic

Martin Luther King Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Design/Engineer, 1951
Cantilevered through truss over the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis
Open to traffic

Oregon Street Bridge (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Built 1956
Bascule bridge over Fox River on Oregon Street in Oshkosh
Open to traffic

Pine River Bridge (St. Clair County, Michigan)
Design, 1975
Bridge over Pine River on South Riverside Avenue (M-29)
Open to traffic

Tayco Street Bascule Bridge (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Designer, 1993
Single leaf bascule bridge over Fox River Navigation Channel on Tayco Street in Menasha
Open to traffic

Tenth Street Bridge (1957) (St. Clair County, Michigan)
Built 1957
Bascule bridge over Black River on 10th Street in Port Huron
Open to traffic