Edwin Thacher

of New York City, New York
This famous inventor of the Thacher truss for metal truss bridges and later a builder of patented Melan arch bridges is often difficult to research because even when he was alive, a significant number of publications misspelled his name as "Thatcher."

6th Avenue Bridge (Old) (Polk County, Iowa)
Design, 1907
Lost Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Des Moines River on 6th Avenue

Puente Río Satillo (Adjuntas, Puerto Rico)
Built 1901
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Río Satillo on PR123
Open to traffic

Sanderson Avenue Bridge (Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1904
Lost closed-spandrel arch bridge over Lackawanna River on Sanderson Avenue
Replaced by new bridge

Walnut Street Bridge (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Chief Engineer, 1890
Six-span Pennsylvania through truss bridge over the Tennessee River on Walnut Street in Chattanooga
Open to pedestrians only

West Broadway Bridge (Passaic County, New Jersey)
Design, 1897
Concrete arch bridge over Passaic River on West Broadway in Passaic
Open to traffic