Edwin Kirtland Morse

of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bridges should only be listed in this category if they were designed by Morse as part of his consulting engineering business. Please list any bridges by Morse Bridge Co. of Youngstown, Ohio in that category, not this one.

Market Street Bridge (Jefferson County, Ohio)
Design, Original Bridge, 1905
Suspension bridge over the Ohio River on WV 2 Spur (Market Street) in Steubenville
Open to traffic

Newell Toll Bridge (Hancock County, West Virginia)
Built 1905
Private suspension bridge over the Ohio River on Golding Street Extension between Newell and East Liverpool.
Open to toll traffic

Rochester-Monaca Bridge (1896) (Beaver County, Pennsylvania)
Probable Designer, 1896
Lost Suspension bridge over Ohio River on 9th Street
Replaced by a new bridge