Columbia Bridge Co. of Walla Walla, Washington

SE 8th Street Bridge (Umatilla County, Oregon)
Original Fabricator, 1909
Dismantled Pratt through truss bridge originally over Umatilla River on 8th Street in Pendleton
Replaced by a new truss bridge 2019 and dismantled for future use.

Sperry Bridge (Nez Perce County, Idaho)
Truss Fabricator, 1908
Pin-connected Pratt through truss bridge over Potlatch River on Mill Street in Kendrick
Open to traffic

Spring Hollow Bridge (Morrow County, Oregon)
Truss Fabricator, 1909
Pin-connected Pratt through truss bridge over Rhea Creek on Spring Hollow Road
Open to pedestrians only

Troy Bridge (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Fabricator & Builder, 1910
Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Grande Ronde River on Redmond Grade Road
Open to pedestrians

Willow Creek Bridge (Morrow County, Oregon)
Built 1909
Pratt pony truss bridge originally over Willow Creek on Cecil Road
Replaced by new bridge and relocated to a nearby ranch.