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Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge


Jennifer who contributed this photo says - "The old one lane bridge over Big Piney Creek, on highway 359, east of Lamar, Arkansas. This was taken during construction of the current bridge."

Photo taken/contributed by Jennifer Cleveland.


BH Photo #447008



Lost wooden bridge over Big Piney Creek on AR 359
Johnson County, Arkansas
No longer exists
Built 1963; replaced 2002
Deck plate girder
Length of largest span: 60.0 ft.
Total length: 400.8 ft.
Deck width: 20.3 ft.
Approximate latitude, longitude
+35.43540, -93.31325   (decimal degrees)
35°26'07" N, 93°18'48" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
15/471567/3921373 (zone/easting/northing)
Inventory numbers
AHTD M3872 (Arkansas Highway and Transportation Dept. bridge number)
BH 10397 (Bridgehunter.com ID)


Arkansas (1,756)
Built 1963 (237)
Built during 1960s (2,042)
Deck girder (5,897)
Girder (10,493)
Johnson County, Arkansas (39)
Lost (25,689)
Lost 2002 (484)
Lost during 2000s (4,236)
Owned by state (16,155)
Plate girder (8,143)
Span length 50-75 feet (10,167)
Total length 250-500 feet (5,298)
Wooden deck (6,101)

Update Log 

  • May 4, 2019: New photo from Charles Bowden


  • Charles Bowden - charliesmail101 [at] gmail [dot] com


Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge
Posted June 26, 2020, by Anonymous

Last Comment on the Bridge on our Lands on the big Pitney Creek River I posted last 2 comments on it sorry staying Anonymous 🤔😉😁😎🗽 as A child We Had fire works wars on that Bridge 😆 lol like dodge ball we shot Roman candles one side to the other for many years . lucky it never burned Down . Seriously . 😂😅had one blow up on my chest . scared me against fireworks for LIFE major 😆

The memories of walking across THAT old one lane wooden Bridge

We had horses too and would take them across . too dangerous NOW

When they widened the road and built the other bridge in part of our camp grounds giving our house we call the Lodge A yard finally and an even level one at that it used to be a 30 foot drop off when I was a child they leveled the entire land and straightened the road doing so it's NOW far more dangerous for pedestrians and horses and animals . we lost so MANY since then. Very 😥 sad

The. Big Trucks now drive through there and go so fast so MANY deer die too dangerous to walk the road and Bridge TODAY for anything

And MANY cars drive so fast . MANY wrecks through the YEARS

But omg the 🎆 fireworks year round from our neighbors across the River . are awesome . this year should be spectacular

They are done from their cabins over the River now no longer on the Bridge

Can't wait for 4th of July in a few Days

Should be Awesome this year 🤔😉😁😎🗽

Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge
Posted June 26, 2020, by Anonymous

It Was taken down in 3 sections Our neighbor Took one section The builders took one and I had them leave one section in our campgrounds . I'm the one who posted about THAT being our Lands and house Called The Tree House 🌳 A Tree was in the middle of it for many years till lighting struck and we had to remove it

The section I had them leave in the campground we were going to take apart and use the bridge timbers . but a flood happened before we COULD do it . it washed down a small forest of TREES in our campgrounds it was so huge and the flood waters were 30 to 40 feet deep it was BLOCKED on our neighbors lands by a big pine forest and it's still there TODAY 😆 lol turns out 1 possession is 9 10th the law they took my bridge

Lol 😆 also turns out not so easy to take apart or cut so it's still there 30 years later a land mark now 1 / 3rd of the Bridge

Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge
Posted June 26, 2020, by Anonymous

Thats my House and OUR LAND we GAVE the government to make the new Highway

Long ago my ancestors gave the land for the FIRST road and Bridge they used to have to USE the hickeytown slew road and Turner Ford WE USED to own ALL 4 corners till my grandfather sold the other side when my grandmother got sick to pay her hospital stay when she was dying of cancer

We still Own the land under the water and have the Last Private Boat Launch on The Creek we call a River NOW because Dardanelle Dam raised the water levels so it's deeper now

There Truely is no place like HOME

We have many pictures of the River through the last 100 years Beautiful Still 🤔😉😁😎🗽

Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge
Posted May 5, 2019, by Charles Bowden (charliesmail101 [at] gmail [dot] com)

I never got to see this classic. Open deck bridge with a wooden floor, 'total length: 400.8 ft.' what monster it must have been.

Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge
Posted May 4, 2019, by Charles Bowden (charliesmail101 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Thank You to Jennifer Cleveland for contributing this photo to BridgeHunter.com for history and for allowing me to post it here.

Big Piney Creek AR 359 Bridge
Posted March 10, 2008, by David Collins (viedacal [at] yahoo [dot] com)

How about a picture of the old bridge. Im sure someone out there has one. I was too stupid to take a pic of it. It was an awesome bridge.