Calhoun County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
"New" Old Broadwell Mill Road BridgeOld Broadwell Mill Road over Little Tallahatchee CreekOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren pony truss2010--60.060.0
Alexandria Wellington Road BridgeAlexandria Wellington Road over Tallahatchee CreekOpen to trafficHowe pony truss1954--89.9249.0
ATN - Coosa River Bridge (Ohatchee)Alabama & Tennessee River Railway over Coosa RiverOpen to trafficUnknown1963------
ATN - Laney TunnelAlabama & Tennessee River Railway under Open to trafficTunnel1851------
ATN - Peeks Hill Road OverpassAlabama & Tennessee River Railway over Peeks Hill RoadOpen to trafficStringer1928--20.0160.1
Blue Creek BridgeCC Road over Blue CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1940--24.953.8
Branch BridgeWellington Road over BranchOpen to trafficPratt pony truss1960--21.042.0
Chief Ladiga Trail - Stone Arch BridgeChief Ladiga Trail over Hanes BranchOpen to pedestrians onlyStone arch--------
Choccolocco Creek BridgeOld Downing Mill Road over Choccolocco CreekOpen to trafficModern Pratt pony truss2005--120.1200.1
Choccolocco Creek BridgeBrown Bridge Road over Choccolocco CreekDemolishedPratt through truss1947202078.178.1
Coldwater Covered Bridge 01-08-01Trail over Oxford Lake outletOpen to pedestriansMultiple Kingpost through truss1850--60.060.0
CSX Tallasseehatchee Creek BridgeCSX over Tallasseehatchee CreekOpen to trafficDeck plate girder--------
EARY - Creek BridgeEARY (fmr L&N) over creekRemoved after railroad was abandonedUnknown--------
EARY Tallasseehatchee Creek BridgeEARY (fmr L&N) over Tallasseehatchee CreekAbandoned with approaches removedDeck plate girder--------
Hell's Gate BridgeBoiling Spring Road over Choccolocco CreekClosed to all trafficPratt through trussca. 1890's--106.0170.9
Ladiga Creek BridgeHowell Road over Ladiga CreekOpen to trafficSlab1930--20.024.0
Little Tallahatcheecreek BridgeAderholt Mill Road over Little TallahatcheecreekOpen to trafficDouble-intersection Warren pony truss1954--17.133.1
Mellons Mill Covered BridgeMellon Bridge Road over Choccolocco CreekDestroyed by fireLattice through truss--1970--98.0
NS W 47th Street OverpassNorfolk Southern RR over W 47th Street and creekLine abandonedTimber stringer--------
Old Broadwell Mill Road Bridgea pedestrian walkway in Alexandria Park over a streamOpen to pedestriansSteel stringer1951--28.958.1
Old Downing Mill BridgeOld Downing Mill Road over Choccolocco CreekNo longer existsThrough truss19302005112.9193.9
Old Iron City Cutoff Road Bridgeold alignment of Iron City Cutoff Road over Choccolocco CreekAbandonedUnknown--------
Old Ladiga Road Bridgeabandoned alignment of Old Ladiga Road over creekAbandoned but used by off-road trafficUnknown--------
Prickett Trail BridgePrickett Trail over Tallasseehatchee CreekCompetely RestoredPratt pony truss1932--62.062.0
Reeds Mill Road BridgeAbandoned alignment of Reeds Mill Road over Ohatchee CreekBypassed by new bridge and abandonedPratt through truss--------
SCL - CR 76 TunnelSCL Railroad over CR 76Open to trafficSlab1928--92.992.9
Tallahatchee Creek Bridge.5 Mi W Ala 21 over Tallahatchee CreekOpen to trafficSlab1915--20.042.0
Tallahatchie Covered Bridge 01-08-03xPrivate Road over Nances CreekMultiple Kingpost through truss1900----61.0
Unnamed creek BridgeOld Jville Hwy over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficSlab1932--16.192.9
Wellington Road TrestleCSX over Wellington RoadOpen to trafficTimber stringer--------