Converse County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Al's Way Bike Path - Deer Creek BridgeAl's Way Bike Path over Deer Creek and Town Park RoadOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1915--50.0340.0
BN RR-County 259 BridgeBn Rr over County Road 259Open to trafficSteel stringer1930--2.365.0
BNSF - Antelope Creek BridgeBNSF Railway over Antelope CreekOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1923------
BNSF - Clay Street OverpassBNSF over Clay StreetOpen to trafficSteel stringer--1923----
BNSF - East Clay Street OverpassBNSF over East Clay Street (U-4822)Open to trafficSteel stringer1923--29.2140.1
BNSF - North Platte River BridgeBNSF Railway over North Platte RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss with sub-panels----130.0385.0
C&NW - North Platte River BridgeAbandoned Chicago & North Western Railway over North Platte RivrDerelict/abandoned, partially removedDeck plate girder----90.0510.0
CNW - Bridge #855Chicago & North Western Railway over Unnamed CreekDerelict/abandonedStone arch----6.012.0
Highland Loop Road BridgeHighland Loop Road over Box CreekClosed to all trafficTimber stringer1940--17.748.9
La Prele Creek BridgeCR 36 (Sunflower Trail) over La Prele CreekOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1932--32.8103.0
N Platte River BridgeWyo 319 over N Platte RiverOpen to trafficSteel stringer1950--67.9402.9
North Platte River BridgeCN13-21 over North Platte RiverOpen to trafficTimber stringer1950--19.0304.1
Old US 26 Box Elder Creek Bridgea privately owned ranch road over Box Elder CreekOpen to authorized vehicles onlyBeam--------
Platte River BridgeWest Yellowstone Highway over North Platte RiverReplaced by a new bridgePony truss--------
Sand Creek BridgeCN13-31 (Ross Road) over Sand CreekClosed to all trafficTimber stringer1930--18.797.1
Stevens Road BridgeStevens Road over Deer CreekOpen to trafficPony truss1981--100.1104.0
Wildhorse Road BridgeWildhorse Road (CN13-1A) over BNSF RailroadOpen to trafficTimber stringer1946--24.9134.8