Preston County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Albright BridgeWV 26 over Cheat RiverOpen to trafficSteel stringer1953--98.1255.6
Albright Power Station BridgePowerplant Road over Cheat RiverOpen to authorized vehicles onlyDeck plate girder--------
B&O - Kingwood TunnelBaltimore and Ohio Railroad under Sealed Up in 1950Tunnel18521950--4137.0
Big Run BridgeCR 51 over Big RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1916--24.924.9
Big Sandy Creek BridgeCR 8/4 over Big Sandy CreekOpen to trafficTruss1932--91.991.9
Boyd Run BridgeCR 29/1 over Boyd RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1921--24.924.9
Brains Creek BridgeCR 33/3 over Brains CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1918--24.024.0
Bridge Street BridgeBridge Street over Csx RailroadOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder1928--88.992.9
Bull Run BridgeCR 14/4 over Cheat RiverOpen to trafficPennsylvania through truss1912--220.2224.1
Chessie - Rowelsburg Railroad BridgeCSX Railroad over Cheat RiverReplaced by a new bridgeWarren through truss19101985160.8--
Cooks Run BridgeCR 33 over Cooks RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1917--24.024.0
CSX - Amblersburg ViaductCSX Railroad over CR 86 and Salt Lick CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1865--32.232.2
CSX - Tray Run ViaductCSX Railroad over Tray RunOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1905------
CSX - Tunnelton OverpassCSX Mainline over Local RoadOpen to trafficSlab--------
Csx Railroad BridgeCsx Railroad over Preston Co Rt 39/2Unknown statusUnknown1911--23.333.5
Dillan Creek BridgeWV 7 over Dillan CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1920--25.925.9
Fellowsville School Road BridgeCR 50/28 (Fellowsville School Road) over Right Fork Little Sandy CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1973--33.835.1
Greens Run BridgeCR 52 over Greens RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1918--30.830.8
Left Fork US 50 BridgeUS 50 over Left Fork Little Sandy CreekOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1927--40.040.0
Little Sandy Creek WV 26 BridgeWV 26 over Little Sandy CreekOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1931--80.180.1
Martins Run BridgeCR 35 over Martins RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1918--20.020.0
Morgan Run BridgeCR 26/64 over Morgan RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1917--29.929.9
Morgan Run BridgeALT WV 72 over Morgan RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1917--24.024.0
Muddy Creek BridgeCR 17 over Muddy CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1935--26.982.0
Muddy Creek BridgeCR 20 over Muddy CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1918--28.930.8
Muddy Creek BridgeCR 28 over Muddy CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1918--27.929.9
Muddy Creek BridgeCR 28 over Muddy CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1917--29.929.9
North Branch Snowy Creek BridgeWV 7 over North Branch Snowy CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1913--29.929.9
North Branch Snowy Creek BridgeCR 42 over North Branch Snowy CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1917--28.933.1
Old Clifton Mills Road BridgeCR 8/4 over Big Sandy CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss1884--102.0103.0
Rockville Mount Nebo Road BridgeCR 14 over Big Sandy CreekOpen to trafficThrough truss----84.0149.0
Rowlesburg Bollman TrussBollman through truss--------
RT 72-Pringle Run BridgeWv Route 72 over Pringle RunOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1936--44.647.2
Sandy Creek BridgeCR 92/20 over Sandy CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1916--49.949.9
Thornton BridgeCR 4/2 over Big Sandy CreekGone, replaced with concrete bridgePratt pony truss----61.063.0
Tunnelton FootbridgePedestrian Walkway, North St. to South St over CSX MainlineRemoved but not replaced in 2014Warren through truss19122014----
US50 Cheat River BridgeUS 50 over Cheat RiverOpen to trafficPratt through truss1932--149.9460.0
US50 Cheat River Covered Bridge 48-39-01xU.S. Route 50 over Cheat RiverDestroyed by fire in 1964Unknown18351964--339.0
York Run BridgeCR 66 over York RunOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1913--40.040.0