Hancock County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
6th street bridge6th street over Muchmores RunOpen to trafficBrick arch1904------
Browns Island Girder BridgeWeirton Steel access road over Ohio River Back ChannelUnknown statusPony/through plate girder1942------
Browns Island Truss BridgeWeirton Steel Company Road over Ohio River Main ChannelUnknown statusWarren through truss with all verticals1942----1312.0
Chester BridgeLincoln Highway/US 30 over Ohio RiverClosed 1969. Razed 1970.Suspension18971970----
Hardin Run BridgeCR 7 over Hardin RunOpen to trafficStone arch1915--24.038.1
Hardin Run BridgeCR 7 over Hardin RunOpen to trafficStone arch1915--12.130.8
Jennings Randolph Memorial BridgeUS 30 over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficPratt through truss1977--745.12023.1
Kingdale Road BridgeCR 11/5 over Kings CreekClosed to all trafficClosed-spandrel arch1912--50.974.2
Kings Creek BridgeCR 11 over Kings CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1916--50.956.1
Kings Creek Railroad BridgeNorfolk Southern Railway over Kings CreekOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch--------
Mittal Steel & Ns Rr BridgeLee Avenue City St over Mittal Steel & Ns RrClosed to all trafficGirder1927--48.9274.9
Newell Toll BridgeGolding Street Extension over Ohio RiverOpen to toll trafficWire suspension1905--742.21590.0
North Fork Tomlinson Run BridgeCounty Route 12 over North Fork Tomlinson RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1916--20.325.3
WV 2-Overhead Walkway BridgeOverhead Walkway over West Virginia 2Unknown statusUnknown1950--64.064.0