St. Croix County

Apple River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Deck truss bridge over Apple River on WI 35/WI 64 in Somerset
Open to traffic
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1982
Branch Beaver Creek Bridge   [Map]
Steel arch bridge over Branch Beaver Creek on 100th Avenue
Open to traffic
Built 1975
Hudson Toll Bridge   [Map]
Lost Polygonal Warren through truss with all verticals bridge over St. Croix River on US12
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1912, Reaplaced 1951, Main span relocated to LaFarge Wisonsin in 1953.
Lrd Labarge Road Bridge
Girder bridge over Lrd Labarge Road on Cnw Rr
Built 1898
Seventh Street Bridge   [Map]
Lost Howe pony truss bridge over Chicago, St.Paul, Minneapolis,Omaha Railroad on Seventh Street
Replaced by new bridge
Built in 1910; replaced in 1987
Soo Line High Bridge   [Map]
Steel arch bridge over St. Croix River on Canadian National Railroad
Open to traffic
Built 1910 replacing a bridge downstream.
Stillwater Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Vertical lift bridge over St. Croix River on MN 36/WI 64 at Stillwater
Open to traffic
Built 1931; rehabilitated 1973
Sunrise Drive Underpass   [Map · Street View]
I-Beam bridge over Sunrise Drive on Canadian National Railway
Open to traffic
UP Hudson Swing Bridge   [Map]
Pratt through truss bridge over St. Croix River on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic
Opened 1913, replacing 1881 and 1872 bridges