NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
14th Street Bridge14th Street / Route 360 over James RiverOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1913--101.1840.9
7th Street Bridge7th Street over Haxall CanalRemoved but not replacedBaltimore through truss1893------
9th Street Bridge (Old)9th Street over James RiverReplaced by a new bridgeDeck truss18781973----
Blue Shingles BridgeFormer Blue Shingles Mansion Driveway over CSX RailroadRemovedUnknown1922------
Boulevard BridgeWestover Hills Blv over James River, Norfolk Southern and CSX RailroadOpen to trafficDeck truss1924--128.92032.3
Broad Street Richmond African Burial Ground BridgeE Broad St over RavineOpen to trafficSteel stringer1909--34.134.1
Byrd Street TunnelRichmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad and the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Connection Co. under 4th St/ 3rd St/ 2nd StFilled inTunnel18661941--900.0
C&O - Church Hill TrestleC&ORR over Williamsburg Ave/ Gillie Ck/Fulton Gas WorksRemoved but not replacedDeck plate girder----75.01067.0
C&O - Church Hill TunnelChesapeake and Ohio Railway under Church HillDerelict/abandonedTunnel18751925--4000.0
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway SpurC&ORR over Marshal ST/trainshedDerelict/abandonedDeck plate girderca1901------
Cowardin Avenue BridgeUS 301/US 1/Cowardin Avenue over Seaboard Coast Line/Atlantic Coast Line RailroadRemoved but not replacedConcrete through arch19251988----
CSX - Fulton Gas Works BridgeCSXTRR over Fulton Gas works/Gillie Ck/City streetsOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1925--75.12196.0
CSX - James River Arch BridgeRailroad tracks over Riverside Drive, CSX, NS, & James RiverOpen to trafficOpen-spandrel arch1919--100.12200.2
CSX - James River ViaductCSXTRR over James River/RR/many streetsOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1901--90.09346.0
CSX - Mayo Island BridgeCSX Railroad over James RiverOpen to trafficDeck plate girder--------
CSX - Triple Crossing Viaductdouble track of CSX Transportation (former Chesapeake and Ohio Railway) over single track of CSX Transportation (mid level) and Norfolk Southern Railway (ground level)Open to trafficDeck plate girder1901----15840.0
Dock Street Triple CrossingCSXTRR and Rt 195 over Dock StreetOpen to trafficSteel stringer--------
E Canal Street BridgeParking structure over E Canal StreetOpen to trafficSteel stringer1929--44.963.0
Fifth Street Viaduct5th Street over CSX Railroad & Valley RoadReplaced by a new bridgeConcrete rigid frame1935199680.11185.1
Haxall Canal BridgesPedestrian Paths over Haxall CanalOpen to pedestrians onlySteel through arch--------
Main Street Station and Trainshed BridgeCSXTRR over Downtown RichmondOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1909--75.03000.1
Manchester Bridge9th St over James River/Haxall Canal/CSXTRR/Brown IslandOpen to trafficSteel stringer1973--152.92906.0
Manchester Canal Hull Street BridgeHull Street over Manchester CanalOpen to trafficSteel stringer1921--21.041.0
Marshall Street ViaductMarshall Street over Shockoe Creek, Southern Railway, & Seaboard Coast Line RailroadRemovedWarren deck truss19111973----
Maymont Park FootbridgeFootpath over lagoonOpen to pedestrians onlyStone arch--------
Mayo Bridge14th Street over James River (South)Open to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1913--88.9533.2
Mayo Bridge (Old)14th Street over James RiverReplaced by a new bridgeBowstring pony truss--1913----
Northside ViaductRichmond & Manchester Railway over Southern Railway & Valley RoadReplaced by a new bridgeUnknown18921935----
NS - James River BridgeNorfolk Southern Railway over James RiverOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder--------
NS - Kanawha Canal BridgeNorfolk Southern Railway over Kanawah Canal connecting James RiverOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder1929------
NS - Manchester Canal BridgeNSRR over Manchester CanalOpen to trafficDeck plate girderca1905--65.0132.0
Oakwood Cemetery BridgeOld Cemetery Road over Stony RunAbandonedConcrete rigid frame1920------
Old Belle Isle Bridgean abandoned service road for the Old Dominion Iron and Steel Corp. over James RiverOnly one span on the southern shore of the James River remains on the grounds of the Belle Isle ParkPratt through truss--------
Old Lee BridgeUS 301/ US 1 over James RiverReplaced by a new bridgeOpen-spandrel arch19331989--3395.0
Orleans Street BridgeCSX, NS, C&O over Orleans StreetOpen to trafficSteel stringer------65.0
Potterfield BridgePedestrian path over James RiverOpen to pedestrians onlySteel stringer2016--40.01741.0
R&CB - Richmond ViaductBridge on Richmond & Chesapeake Bay RailwayRemovedConcrete deck girder19051965--2800.0
Richmond and Petersburg Railroad BridgeReplaced by a new bridgeLattice through truss18381882153.02862.0
Richmond I-95 BridgeI-95 over CSXRR/James River/Downtown RichmondOpen to trafficWarren deck truss with alternating verticals1958--216.94185.2
Robert E. Lee Bridgepedestrian and bicycle pathway over James RiverOpen to trafficConcrete stringer1989------
SAL - James River BridgeSALRR over James River/ Mayo IslandReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss--------
Seaboard Triple Crossing Viaductsingle track of CSX Transportation (former Seaboard Air Line Railway) over Norfolk Southern RailwayOpen to trafficDeck plate girder--------
Second Street BridgeSecond Street over C&ORRRemoved but not replacedConcrete through arch19341991--425.0
Stony Run (Trib) Oakwood Cemetery Road BridgeOakwood Cemetery Road over Stony Run (Trib)Open to trafficConcrete rigid frame1920--12.149.5
Tredegar Ironworks BridgePedestrian path over Haxall CanalRemoved but not replacedKingpost pony trussca1837------
US 60 OverpassUS 60 over rail yardRemoved but not replacedClosed-spandrel arch--------
Westwood Avenue ACCA Yard OverpassWestwood Avenue over ACCA Rail YardReplaced by a new bridgeDouble-intersection Warren through truss19091966----