Prince William County

Aden Road Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Through truss bridge over Southern Railroad on Aden Road in Nokesville
Open to traffic
Built 1882; renovation scheduled 2016
Cedar Run Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned pratt pony truss bridge over Cedar Run on Route 611 (Fleetwood Road)
Abandoned when Fleetwood Road was straightened. New concrete bridge built.
Kettle Run Bridge   [Map]
Lost pony truss bridge over Kettle Run on Kettle Run Road in Nokesville
No longer exists
Built 1914; replaced 2000
Occoquan River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Parker through truss bridge over Occoquan River on Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad
Open to traffic
Pyrite Mine Fire Road Bridge
Pony truss bridge over Quantico Creek on Pyrite Mine Fire Road
Open to traffic
Built 1930
Scenic Drive Bridge   [Map]
Covered bridge over South Fork Quantico Creek on Scenic Drive
Open to traffic
Built 1940; rehabilitated 1995
South Branch Quantico Creek Bridge
Pony truss bridge over South Branch Quantico Creek on Park Central Drive
Unknown status
Built ca. 1940; rehabilitated 1995
Stone Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Stone arch bridge over Bull Run Creek next to US 29 in Manassas
Open to pedestrians
Originally Built 1825, destroyed 1862, rebuilt 1886