Prince William County

Aden Road Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Through truss bridge over Southern Railroad on Aden Road in Nokesville
Open to traffic.
Built 1882; relocated by railroad early 1900s; removed 2016 for renovation with new bridge added; reopened March 2019
Cedar Run Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned pratt pony truss bridge over Cedar Run on Route 611 (Fleetwood Road)
Abandoned when Fleetwood Road was straightened. New concrete bridge built.
CSX - Neabsco Creek Trestle   [Map · Street View]
Deck plate girder bridge over Neabsco Creek on CSX RR
Open to traffic
CSX - Occoquan River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Parker through truss bridge over Occoquan River on Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad
Open to traffic
CSX - Powells Creek Viaduct   [Map]
Deck girder bridge over Powells Creek on CSX formerly RF&P
Kettle Run Bridge   [Map]
Lost pony truss bridge over Kettle Run on Kettle Run Road in Nokesville
No longer exists
Built 1914; replaced 2000
Pyrite Mine Fire Road Bridge   [Map]
Pony truss bridge over Quantico Creek on Pyrite Mine Fire Road
Open to traffic
Built 1930
Scenic Drive Bridge   [Map]
Covered bridge over South Fork Quantico Creek on Scenic Drive
Open to traffic
Built 1940; rehabilitated 1995
South Branch Quantico Creek Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Pony truss bridge over South Branch Quantico Creek on Scenic Drive
Open to traffic
Built ca. 1940; rehabilitated 1995
Stone Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Stone arch bridge over Bull Run Creek next to US 29 in Manassas
Open to pedestrians
Originally Built 1825, destroyed 1862, rebuilt 1886
US1 Occoquan River Bridge (Old)   [Map]
Lost Warren through truss bridge over Occoquan River on US1/Jefferson Davis Highway
Destroyed by Hurricane Agnes
Destroyed 1972
VA123 Iron Bridge   [Map]
Lost Through truss bridge over Occoquan River on VA123
Destroyed by flooding
Built 1878; Destroyed 1972