Nelson County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Allens Creek Road BridgeAllens Creek Road over Allens CreekOpen to trafficSteel arch1942--15.134.1
Avon Road BridgeAvon Road over Williams CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with all verticals1932--54.154.1
Berry Hill Road BridgeBerry Hill Road over South Fork Rockfish RiverReplaced by a new bridgeThrough truss19202006112.9112.9
Blue Ridge TunnelRailroad under Derelict/abandonedTunnel1858------
Blue Ridge Tunnel (New)CSX Railroad under Rockfish GapOpen to trafficTunnel1944------
Buffalo Station Drive BridgeBuffalo Station Drive (Route 606) over Owens CreekOpen to trafficStone archca. 1835--12.137.1
CSX - Tye River BridgeRailroad over Tye RiverWarren through truss with all verticals1916------
Irish Creek Road Blue Ridge Parkway BridgeBlue Ridge Parkway over Irish Creek RdOpen to trafficConcrete rigid frame1945--25.925.9
NS - Tye River BridgeNSRR over Tye RiverOpen to trafficDeck plate girder----90.0560.0
NS - Tye River Road BridgeNSRR over Tye River RoadOpen to trafficConcrete rigid frame1932--16.116.1
Oak Ridge BridgeWilson Road (Route 653) over Norfolk Southern RailwayOpen to trafficPratt through truss1882--100.1138.1
Perkins Mill Road BridgePerkins Mill Road over Piney RiverOpen to trafficPony truss1925--71.971.9
Tye River Suspension FootbridgeAppalachian Trail over Tye RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyWire suspension--------
Tye River Turnpike Blue Ridge Parkway BridgeBlue Ridge Parkway over Tye River Turnpike/VA 56Open to trafficConcrete rigid frame1949--46.946.9
VA56 Wingina BridgeVA56 over James RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss--------