Val Verde County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Amistad Reservoir ViaductUS 90 over Amistad ReservoirOpen to trafficSteel stringer1965--200.15462.2
Bridges of Moore ParkPedestrians over East and West branches of San Felipe CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyWire suspension1930------
Del Rio International BridgeRoad over Rio GrandeReplaced by a new bridgeWarren through truss--------
Del Rio Lenticular TrussBridge over San Felipe CreekReplaced by a new bridgeLenticular through truss1890------
Pecos River BridgeUS 90 over Pecos RiverOpen to trafficDeck truss1957--1040.01310.1
Pecos River Bridge (old)US 90 over Pecos RiverDestroyed by floodingThrough truss19231954----
Seminole Canyon BridgeUS 90 over Trib. of Rio GrandeIntact but closed to all trafficConcrete tee beam------193.0
SP - East TunnelSouthern Pacific Railroad under Derelict/abandoned/partly inundatedTunnel1882------
SP - Evans Creek BridgeRR over Evens CreekRemoved but not replacedUnknown----69.0290.0
SP - Pecos River ViaductSouthern Pacific Railroad over Pecos RiverReplaced by a new bridgeDeck truss18921949--2180.0
UP - Cienegas Creek BridgeUP RR over Cienegas CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer------150.0
UP - Eagle Nest Creek BridgeRailroad over Eagle Nest CreekOpen to trafficDeck plate girder--------
UP - East Fork San Felipe Creek BridgeUP RR over East Fork San Filipe CreekOpen to trafficWarren through truss with all verticalspre 1914--136.0185.0
UP - Lake Amistad BridgeUnion Pacific Railroad over Lake Amistad (reservoir)Open to trafficWarren through truss1963--403.02243.0
UP - Pecos River High BridgeUnion Pacific Railroad over Pecos RiverOpen to trafficWarren deck truss1944--374.51390.5
UP - Railway Avenue OverpassUnion Pacific Railroad over Railway Ave & CalaverasOpen to trafficSteel stringer1930--15.129.9
UP - Sycamore Creek Bridge (W)Railroad over Sycamore CreekOpenWarren through truss with all verticals----153.0578.0
UP - West Fork San Felipe Creek BridgeUP RR over West fork San Felipe CreekOpen to trafficDeck plate girderpre 1914----170.0