Titus County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Big Slough BridgeUS 271 over Big SloughOpen to trafficSlab1938--20.0180.1
Dickson Creek BridgeUS 271 over Dickson CreekOpen to trafficSlab1938--20.0299.9
Mill Creek BridgeCR NE 5 (3250) over Mill CreekOpen to trafficDeck truss1983--37.140.0
Ripley Creek BridgeUS 271 over Ripley CreekOpen to trafficSlab1939--20.0120.1
Sulphur River BridgeTitus County 1905 and Red River County 1412 over Sulphur RiverSitting in place with deck removed and aproaches missingPolygonal Warren pony truss with alternating verticalsca. 1930--100.1144.0
Trent Creek BridgeUS 271 over Trent CreekOpen to trafficCulvert1938--4.927.9
TXU - Interstate 30 OverpassTexas Utilities Railroad over Interstate 30Open to trafficSteel stringer1972--80.1480.0
TXU - US67 OverpassTexas Utilities Railroad over US 67Open to trafficGirder1973--90.9149.9
UP - Business US 271 OverpassSt L And Sw Rr over Bus US 271 (Northbound traffic)Open to 2 lanes northbound traffic below and railroad aboveSteel stringer1934--78.180.1
UP - SH 49 OverpassUnion Pacific Railroad over Texas SH49Open to trafficSteel stringer1963--49.9180.1
White Oak Creek Relief BridgeUS 271 over White Oak Creek ReliefOpen to trafficSlab1938--20.0299.9