Grayson County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
441 Ranch Rd Pony Trussroad over unnaned creekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals----60.060.0
Acheson Street BridgeBells Drive (old US 69) over Acheson Street (former MKT Railroad)Open to trafficConcrete tee beam1934--26.9163.1
Bennett Lane BridgeBennett Lane over Big Mineral CreekOpen to trafficSlab1985--106.0106.0
BNSF - Crawford Street OverpassSouthern Pacific Railroad over Crawford StreetOpen to trafficSlab1914--20.042.0
BNSF - Post Oak Creek Bridgerailroad over Post Oak CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss----150.0200.0
Branch Corneliason Creek BridgeW McFarland St over Branch Corneliason CreekOpen to trafficConcrete culvert1936--5.940.0
Buck Creek BridgeCR 356 over Buck CreekReplaced by new bridgePony trussca. 1930199561.061.0
Carpenters Bluff BridgeCarpenters Bluff Road (formerly KO&G RR) over Red RiverOpen to one lane traffic and includes a Wagon Shelf extension of South deckPratt through truss1910--195.91118.2
Choctaw Bottoms BridgeChoctaw Bottoms Road over Choctaw CreekReplaced by new bridgeWarren pony truss--1999----
Choctaw Creek BridgeAbandoned road over Choctaw CreekAbandonedWire suspension1915--122.5--
Colbert Bridge (3rd)Toll Bridge Road over Red River of the SouthDestroyed by fire & demolishedCamelback through truss19151961----
Corneliason Creek BridgeCR 479 over Corneliason CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1935199948.949.9
CR 226 Pony Trussroad over unnamed creekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals----90.090.0
Craft Road BridgeCraft Road over Unnamed drawOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren pony truss with alternating verticals1950--102.0102.0
East Prong Whites Creek BridgeWhitaker Road over East Prong Whites CreekNo longer existsPony truss1938200160.087.9
Graham Road BridgeGraham Road over Range CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1913--44.946.9
Iron Ore Creek BridgeCR 597 (relocated from) over Iron Ore Creek (relocated from)Relocated to Public ParkWarren pony truss1911--60.060.0
Jordan Creek BridgeLynch Crossing over Jordan CreekNo longer existsPony truss1935200147.949.9
Little Mineral Creek BridgeCR 456 over Little Mineral CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1935199344.945.9
Little Mineral Creek BridgeBridge on Park TrailOpen to pedestrians onlyWarren pony truss with all verticals1913--46.046.0
Mill Creek BridgeCR 109 over Mill CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1935199361.061.0
Mill Creek BridgeCR 112 over Mill CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1936199760.0103.0
MKT - Chocktaw Creek BridgeRailroad over Cocktaw CreekDerelict/abandonedPratt through truss----125.0125.0
MKT - Crawford Street BridgeMkt Railroad over Crawford StreetOpen to trafficSlab1914--20.042.0
MKT - Iron Ore Creek BridgeRailroad over Iron Ore CreekDerelict/abandonedPratt through truss----125.0125.0
MKT - Small Arch BridgeBridge on Missouri-Kansas-Texas RailroadDerelict/abandonedClosed-spandrel arch1912------
Mustang Creek BridgeOld Sherman Road over Mustang CreekNo longer existsPony trussca. 1950200158.159.1
Mustang Creek BridgeCR 947 over Mustang CreekReplaced by new bridgePony trussca. 1920199358.160.0
N. Harrison Ave BridgeMP Railroad over N. Harrison AveOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1956--35.148.9
North Fork Pilot Grove Creek BridgeCR 339 over North Fork Pilot Grove CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1901199949.949.9
North Lincoln Park Road BridgeNorth Lincoln Park Road over West Prong Sister Grove CreekNo longer existsPony truss1936200268.983.0
Old Sherman Road BridgeOld Sherman Road over Branch of Mustang CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1935200744.966.9
Red River BridgeRoad over Red RiverRemoved but not replacedPennsylvania through truss1915----675.0
South Branch Big Mineral Arm BridgeCR 937 over South Branch of Big Mineral ArmReplaced by new bridgePony trussca. 1930199369.9109.9
Spring Creek BridgeCR 382 over Spring CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1913199645.947.9
Taylor Road BridgeTaylor Road over Pilot Grove CreekReplaced by a new bridgeThrough truss1901--69.994.2
UP - Red River BridgeRailroad over Red RiverOpen to trafficParker through truss1890------
UP - TX56 OverpassMKT railroad (now Union Pacific Railroad.) over TX 56Open to trafficGirder1965--40.041.0
Van Alstyne BridgePedestrian over Small streamRestored and relocated to parkPratt through truss1886--90.090.0
Waterloo Park BridgePedestrians over Unnamed drawOn display in park, used as pathwayPratt through truss1886--89.9115.2
West Prong Whites Creek BridgeWhitaker Road over West Prong Whites CreekNo longer existsPony truss1932200144.966.9