Fort Bend County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
ATSF - San Bernard River BridgeAbandoned Railroad (ATSF) over San Bernard RiverAbandonedWarren through truss with all verticals--------
BNSF - US 90A OverpassBNSF Railway over Us 90aUnknown statusSteel stringer1932--55.155.1
GH&SA - Richmond Bridge (Old)Southern Pacific Railroad over Brazos RiverReplaced by a new bridgeWhipple through truss--------
Old FM1093 Brazos River BridgeOld alignment of FM1093 over Brazos RiverReplaced by a new bridge upstreamThrough truss18901965----
Richmond BridgeUS 90A, US 59 over Brazos RiverRemovedThrough truss19251988364.01156.0
Richmond BridgeHighway over Brazos RiverReplaced by a new bridgeBowstring through truss--------
UP - Brazos River Bridge (Simonton)Abandoned Union Pacific Railroad over Brazos RiverAbandonedPolygonal Warren through truss1922--260.01200.0
UP - Richmond BridgeUnion Pacific Railroad over Brazos RiverOpenParker through truss--------
UP - TX 36 OverpassSp Railroad over Sh 36Open to trafficSteel stringer1930--49.949.9
UP - US 90A OverpassSp Rr over Us 90aOpenSteel stringer1930--33.135.1