Denton County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Belz Road BridgeBelz Road over Duck CreekRelocated to Greenway Park in The Colony, Texas in 2008Warren pony truss with alternating verticals19032008100.086.9
Brush Creek Road BridgeBrush Creek Road over Branch of Hickory CreekReplaced by a new bridgeDeck arch1940--20.047.9
College Street Bridgeformer E. College Street over Elm Fork Trinity RiverRemoved, but two stone piers remainCable-stayed--------
County Line Road Bridge at Denton CreekNorth County Line Road over Denton CreekReplaced by a new bridge - Old bridge relocated to North Lakes Park, Denton, in 2001Warren pony truss1940--40.0120.1
DCTA - Elm Fork Trinity River BridgeDenton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) over Elm Fork Trinity RiverOpen to authorized vehicles onlyThrough truss--------
Denton-Aurora Road BridgeDenton-Aurora Road (abandoned) over Denton CreekDerelict/abandonedPratt through truss1889------
Donald Road BridgeDonald Road over North Hickory CreekRelocated to the Denton County Administrative Complex.Warren pony truss with alternating verticals1903--59.159.1
FM 2450 BridgeFM 2450 over Clear CreekReplaced by new bridge on new road alignmentUnknown--1965----
FM 428 BridgeGreenbelt Trail (Former FM 428) over Elm Fork of the Trinity RiverOpen to pedestriansPratt through truss1922--100.1247.1
Ganzer Road BridgeGanzer Road over Milam CreekThe bridge has been relocated to a Frisco Parks Department temporary site. It is scheduled to be moved to the Cottonwood Creek Park, at the corner of Eldorado and Main Street (west of Legacy Parkway), in Fall 2014.Warren pony truss with alternating verticals1915--48.949.9
Greenway Park BridgePedestrian Pathway over Small Unnamed StreamOpen to pedestrians onlyWarren pony truss1903------
Gregory Road BridgeGregory Road over Duck CreekRelocated to the Denton County Administrative ComplexWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1923--51.865.9
Hachtel Drive (old FM 455) over Duck CreekHachtel Drive (old FM 455) over Duck CreekIntact but closed to all trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticalsest 1930s--70.0100.0
Hilltop Road BridgeHilltop Road over Branch of Loving BranchOpen to trafficDeck arch1940--20.024.9
KCS - Old Alton Road OverpassATSF RR over Old Alton RoadOpen to railroad trafficSteel stringer1960--54.1236.9
Lewisville Lake BridgeSwisher Road west, Eldorado Parkway east over Lewisville LakeOpen to trafficSteel through arch2009--361.98520.4
Litsey Road BridgeLitsey Road over Henrietta CreekReplaced by new bridge. Original bridge has been placed in temporary storage by the City of Roanoke. It is slated for use in a park at the Fairway Ranch Development, at the southeast corner of Highway 114 and Cleveland Gibbs Road.Warren pony truss with alternating verticals1912--35.199.1
New Belz Road Duck Creek BridgeBelz Road over Duck CreekOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren pony truss with alternating verticals2009--98.1100.1
Nicholson Road BridgeNicholson Road over Clear CreekReplaced by a concrete bridge. The original structure was relocated to the City of Trenton.Warren pony truss with alternating verticals1925--79.1155.8
Old Alton BridgeOld Alton Road over Hickory CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyPratt through truss1884--107.9145.0
Old McKinney Road BridgeBridge over Elm Branch Trinity RiverAbandonedPratt through truss------75.0
Plainview Road BridgePlainview Road over North Hickory CreekReplaced by a new bridge - original bridge placed in park in Krum, Texas, March 2014Warren pony truss with all verticals1903--65.0114.0
Rector Road BridgeRector Road over Clear CreekRelocatedPratt through truss1908200580.1145.0
Sam Bass Road Bridge at Clear CreekSam Bass Road over Clear CreekTruss frame abandoned in field near new bridgePratt through truss19082007132.9150.0
Sam Bass Road Bridge at Duck CreekSam Bass Road over Duck CreekRelocated after being replaced by a new bridgeWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1925--40.040.0
T.N. Skiles Road BridgeT.N. Skiles Road over South Hickory CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1940--32.265.0
Tom Cole Road Bridge at Hickory CreekTom Cole Road over Hickory CreekBridge to be placed in Frisco's Cottonwood ParkWarren through truss with alternating verticals19102003126.0126.0
Tom Cole Road Bridge at Little Elm CreekTom Cole Road over Little Elm CreekNo longer existsWarren pony truss--------
Waide Road BridgeWaide Road over Clear CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1940--84.0214.9