Scott County

Buffalo Creek Bridge (no longer exists)   [Map]
Former pony truss bridge over Buffalo Creek on NFA A508
Built 1928
Burnt Mill Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned Pratt through truss bridge and a half-hip Pratt pony truss (both pin-connected) with wooden decks over Clear Fork River on Scott County Road 276 (Honey Creek Loop Road)
Closed to traffic
Built 1920-1921
CNTP - Tunnel 13   [Map]
Abandoned tunnel on Abandoned Railroad
Built 1877
CNTP - Tunnel 14   [Map]
Tunnel on Abandoned Railroad/Creek
Intact but closed to all traffic
Bored in solid limestone in 1877. Taken out of service sometime in the 1930's. Tunnel floor was lowered and the creek re-routed through it to prevent the rail re-alignment from having to have two new bridges.
CNTP - Tunnel 15   [Map]
Abandoned tunnel on Abandoned Railroad
Bored in 1877, lined and finished in 1879. Cincinnati construction crews and Chattanooga construction crews met with the building of the tracks in the center of this tunnel.
NS New River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Warren deck truss bridge over New River on Cincinnati Southern (Norfolk-Southern) Railroad
Open to traffic
Built 1963 to bypass Robbins Tunnel (T15) and several fault lines on old railroad
O&W Bridge   [Map]
Whipple through truss bridge over Big South Fork Cumberland River on O & W Road
Open to vehicles, horses, and pedestrians
Built in the 1880s; Bridge relocated to this site in 1915 by the Nashville Bridge Co.; Used as a railroad bridge until 1954.
Old CNTP - New River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Abandoned Pratt deck truss bridge over New River once carried Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway's Cincinnati Southern Railroad (later Norfolk Southern), before being bypassed
Built in 1879 by the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway, for its Cincinnati Southern Line (later sold to Norfolk Southern Railway)
Roaring Paunch Creek Bridge   [Map]
Arch bridge over Roaring Paunch Creek on NFA A063 in Winfield
Open to traffic
Built 1933
Straight Fork Arch-Culvert Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Straight Fork Creek on Straight Fork Road
Open to traffic
Built 1930, concrete arches lined with steel culverts later to preserve bridge
Toomy Bridge   [Map]
Deck plate girder bridge over Pine Creek on O & W Road (NFA A040)
Open to traffic
Built 1914 (converted from a former railroad bridge)