Rhea County

Aubrey J. Wagner Memorial Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Two-lane plate deck girder bridge anchored to Watts Bar Dam, spanning the Tennessee River on State Highway 68. Owned and maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority
Open to traffic
Bridge over the dam replaced a ferry at this location
Blythe Ferry   [Map · Street View]
Lost Ferry across Tennessee River on Ferry
Replaced by Highway 60 bridge; Historical markers in place
Built 1808; used on Trail of Tears 1838; Replaced by bridge 1994
Blythe Ferry Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Deck plate girder bridge over Tennessee River (Chickamauga Lake) on State Highway 60
Open to traffic - narrowed to one lane for major rehabilitation
Replaced historic Blythe Ferry, on which site is on the National Register of Historic Places
Little Richland Creek Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Lost Concrete tee beam bridge over Little Richland Creek on TN 378 (old US 27)
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1933; rehabilitated 1960; Replaced 2017
Pedestrian Bridge -Rt 68 Watts Bar   [Map · Street View]
Girder bridge over State Route 68 on Pedestrian Bridge
Unknown status
Built 1955
Spring City Bridge   [Map]
Lost through truss bridge over Piney River on US 27 in Spring City.. Highway is also known as the Cincinnati-Chattanooga Airline Highway
No longer exists--replaced by concrete I-beam box girder bridge
Built 1931
Washington Ferry - Gov. Ned Ray McWherter Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete deck girder bridge over Tennessee River (Upper Chickamauga Lake) on State Highway 30
Open to traffic
Bridge replaces the old Washington Ferry established in the early 1900's, which itself replaced an old Cherokee Indian crossing in the 1800's