Meigs County

Blythe Ferry   [Map · Street View]
Lost Ferry across Tennessee River on Ferry
Replaced by Highway 60 bridge; Historical markers in place
Built 1808; used on Trail of Tears 1838; Replaced by bridge 1994
Hickory Flat Road Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Derelict pin connected Pratt through truss with missing deck over Big Sewee Creek on Hickory Flat Rd
Derelict with missing deck
Built 1914 by the Champion Bridge Co.
Highway 68 Watts Bar Dam Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Two-lane plate deck girder bridge anchored to Watts Bar Dam, spanning the Tennessee River on State Highway 68. Owned and maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority
Open to traffic
Hiwassee River Bridge   [Map]
Lost Parker-Pratt through truss bridge over Hiwassee River on TN 58
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1929; demolished 2007
Kings Mill Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Pratt through truss bridge over Sewee Creek on Big Sewee Road
Open to traffic
Built 1884 by the Champion Bridge Co.
Surprise Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned bedstead Pratt pony truss bridge over Big Sewee Creek
Built 1917 by the Champion Bridge Co.; Bypassed by new bridge in 1982
Ten Mile Road Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Abandoned Pratt Bedstead pony truss bridge over Big Sewee Creek on County Road 510 (Ward Road)
Closed to all traffic
Earliest of the bridges built in Meigs County, when alignment of Ten Mile Road crossed Big Sewee Creek; new alignment is now off Ward Road
Washington Ferry Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete deck girder bridge over Tennessee River (Upper Chickamauga Lake) on State Highway 30
Open to traffic
Bridge replaces the old Washington Ferry established in the early 1900's, which itself replaced an old Cherokee Indian crossing in the 1800's