Bedford County

Bugscuffle Road-Garrison Fork Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Steel stringer bridge over Garrison Fork Creek on Bugscuffle Road ((NFA A187)
Open to traffic
Replaced a ford in the creek in 1960
Dement Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete stringer bridge over Duck River on TN 269
Open to Local Traffic/ Not blocked
Built 1930; Bypassed by new bridge in 1993
Duck River Bridge   [Map]
Lost two-span Warren pony truss bridge over Duck River on FAU 130 in Shelbyville
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1934, replaced 2017
Hopkins Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Lost Pratt single-span through truss bridge over Duck River on Hopkins Bridge Road in Eastern Marshall County-Western Bedford County
Replaced by new concrete I-beam bridge with two middle piers
Built (year unknown) by the Champion Bridge Company, Wilmington, Ohio
Moore Road Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over North Fork Creek on Moore Road
Replaced by new bridge
Built 1902; moved 1914, 1952; replaced 1984
Stokes Branch Bridge   [Map]
Steel stringer bridge over Stokes Branch on Old Hwy 64
Open to traffic
Built 1940
Wartrace Creek Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete tee beam bridge over Wartrace Creek on Fas 269
Open to traffic
Built 1930