2019 Bridgehunter Awards: Voting now underway

Low and behold, the candidates have been put on the ballot and now it's time to vote! Voting has begun for the 2019 Bridgehunter Awards, powered by the Bridgehunter's Chronicles. Between now and January 10th, you can vote on your favorite bridges and people in nine categories. The ballot has two parts but I'm sending you a link to part 1 which has a link that will take you to part 2. In case of questions, etc., feel free to PM me. Good luck and happy voting! :-D Link:

To summarize, we have no less than 20 candidates in each of the categories this year, which makes it a record in itself. Some are well-known but others are unknown but have a potential to show its history to the world. Nevertheless, we hope that the voting process will be as intense and exciting as it was last year. In case of questions, etc., please let me know.

Happy Voting and have a great holiday season! :-)

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2019 Bridgehunter Awards: Voting now underway
Posted January 3, 2020, by Jason Smith (flensburg [dot] bridgehunter [dot] av [at] googlemail [dot] com)

One more week to vote on your favorite bridges. Voting for the 2019 Bridgehunter Awards will end at 11:59pm local time on January 10th. Vote often and vote for many! :-)