Experience and Common Sense are Key

Carelessness can come at a price, most of the time when you at least expect it. We've seen a number of stories of truckers losing their goods and their vehicles by disregarding warning signs and proceeding as planned. But why is that? Why don't truckers pay more attention to the rules of the road and bridges than on convenience? In an interview I did with Jeremy Johnson, who owns a trucking business in Marshall, MN, I had a chance to get an insight on the world of trucking from his point of view, which all boils down to two key words: experience and common sense. Using the latest story on the Gospel Street Bridge collapse as leverage, have a look at what can be done as a truck driver to avoid senseless accidents like we've seen lately. For those in the trucking industry or are wishing to enter the profession, this guide is for you to follow so you can prepare accordingly. Remember: common sense and experience are key; Comvenience and Efficiency are not! But safety trumps all profits earned on any trucking trips. Link:



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