Looking back on previous winners

Before announcing the winners for this year's TRUSS Awards, I thought it would be helpful to check on the status of winners from the first two years. For most bridges, nothing much has happened -- good or bad -- although the day of reckoning is quickly approaching for many of them:

2012 winners

  • Washington Bridge (Franklin County, Missouri) - Still scheduled for replacement in the next few years

  • Meadows Road Bridge (Northampton County, Pennsylvania) - This bridge is still standing, but a decision on its future is still pending.

  • Danville-Mickles Bowstring Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas) - No change

  • Neosho River K-47 Bridge (Neosho County, Kansas) - Construction on a replacement bridge is underway. When the old bridge is demolished, only two other bridges of this kind will remain (one in Kansas and one in Nebraska).

  • Cedar Grove Bridge (Franklin County, Indiana) - Local organizations are trying to raise money to acquire the bridge and restore it for a pedestrian/bicycle trail.

  • Meridian Street Bridge (Pierce County, Washington) - This bridge is still scheduled for replacement, although interest has been shown in relocating it for use on a recreational trail.

  • Bolivia Road Bridge (Sangamon and Christian counties, Illinois) - Still slated to be replaced

  • Cascade Bridge (Des Moines County, Iowa) - Demolition of this rare deck truss remains likely.

  • Newport Bridge (Jackson County, Arkansas) - Planning continues for a replacement bridge, but hopefully the old bridge will be taken over by the city of Newport and allowed to remain standing.

  • CStPM&O Bridge (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin) - Work to rehabilitate this bridge and open it for pedestrian use is expected to be completed in 2013.

  • Black Bridge (Albany County, New York) - Plans are still underway to rehabilitate this bridge as part of a bike trail, but bids for the project came in higher than expected.

  • Murray Bridge (Humboldt County, Iowa) - Situation unknown

  • Hulton Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) - Construction of the replacement bridge on a new alignment is slated to begin Fall 2013 and be completed by 2016, with demolition of the old bridge soon after

  • Sixth Street Bridge (Los Angeles County, California) - A design for the replacement bridge has been selected, with construction set to begin in 2015.

  • Tappan Zee Bridge (Rockland and Westchester counties, New York) - While state officials briefly discussed keeping the old bridge for pedestrian/bicycle use, that idea is now off the table. Construction on the replacement bridge is expected to begin this year.

2011 winners

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Looking back on previous winners
Posted January 28, 2013, by julie bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Cascade Bridge is still under review by FWHA DOT and SHPO. The engineer did not perform a site survey and they are checking to see if the previous inspection was sufficient. We lost that bid by 5000 because of the needed equipment to perform that site survey. Convinced that if they fixed the piers where the water is draining by changing the drain pattern this bridge would not be at risk. Perhaps a law suit of negligence against an entity that allows degradation to take place to get federal dollars would get their attention....

Looking back on previous winners
Posted January 28, 2013, by julie bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Springfield Bowstring is being worked on from a grant writing perspective after receiving scope and estimate from W'B. They had quite a lot of damage from tornado two years ago.

Long Shoals Bridge did receive permission to ove. FSBCRA is working on abutment design and building the park before the next phase of fundraising can take place for the move, restoration and reset.

Looking back on previous winners
Posted January 27, 2013, by John Marvig (johnmarvig [at] chaska [dot] net)

The Wagon Wheel Bridge near Boone appeared to have been open to pedestrians when I was there in July 2012. The deck was repaired as well.