Try out the new "What's Here?" feature

If you have an editor's account, you may have noticed the "What's Here?" button next to the map when adding or editing a bridge. This feature generates a list of geographic entities located near the bridge. Click on the "Show" link next an item to see it superimposed on the map.

Right now, the tool shows these items:

  • Counties
  • County subdivisions (townships, New England towns, precincts, etc.)
  • Incorporated places (cities, towns, villages, etc.)
  • Quadrangle maps from the USGS, with link to download
  • Railroad lines, with the yard or subdivision if available
  • Other bridges
  • Listings from

This tool should help settle arguments over the ownership of railroad lines, as well as whether a bridge is located in a certain town or township. It should also help cut down on duplicate listings, since it will show other nearby bridges that are already listed.

Right now this is a highly experimental feature. I plan to expand it to cover other things (rivers, lakes, highways, streets, public land). If this is successful, and it doesn't overload the webserver, then I hope to make this tool more widely available.

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Try out the new "What's Here?" feature
Posted December 12, 2012, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Hey, I just discovered a really neat suspension bridge that connects San Francisco, California with Marin County. I think I will have to add it...

Hard to say if this will cut down on duplicate listings, but I think it is worth a shot.

Try out the new "What's Here?" feature
Posted December 10, 2012, by J.P. (wildcatjon2000 [at] gmail [dot] com)

High Five to our webmaster!!!!