2012 Ammann Awards: Now Accepting Nominations

This month is National Historic Bridge Month, and with that comes the second annual Othmar H. Ammann Awards, given out by the Bridgehunter's Chronicles. Between now and the 30 November at 12:00am Central Standard Time (USA) and 1 December at 12:00pm Central European Time (Europe), the Bridgehunter's Chronicles is taking nominations for the Lifetime Legacy, Best Snapshot and Best Kept Secret Awards, as well as Awards for the Best Mystery Bridge and the Bridge of the Year- two new categories introduced for this year. More information on how to nominate your photo, bridge and person can be seen via link here:

The winner will be announced on 23 December.

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles has also started a new page with the best bridge preservation examples, providing people with some live examples of historic bridges that were preserved to use as a reference for their bridge that is a target of preservation versus progress. If you have a success story that you would like to share on the Chronicles, please contact Jason D. Smith at the Chronicles at: or

Other historic bridge campaigns and mystery bridges are still being gathered for posting as well. If you have one that needs attention of the general public, out with it! You'll be amazed at the support you will receive on a larger more global scale. Thank you.

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2012 Ammann Awards: Now Accepting Nominations
Posted November 19, 2012, by Jason Smith (JDSmith77 [at] gmx [dot] net)

Reminder: You have less than two weeks to submit your photos and other entries for this year's Ammann Awards, presented by the Bridgehunter's Chronicles. Please send your entries directly to me using the following addresses in the article posted here. If you have any questions or are not sure how to enter, please let me know as soon as possible. Voting will take place starting 2 December with the winners announced on 23 December.

2012 Ammann Awards: Now Accepting Nominations
Posted November 13, 2012, by Jason Smith (JDSmith77 [at] gmx [dot] net)

An additional but very important announcement to post: 2013 Calendars and other items are now available through the Flensburg-Bridgehunter Online Shop via cafe press. If interested, please refer to this link for more details. Thank you and happy shopping!