Assorted site updates

Here are some improvements I've made lately:

  • Related bridges: I've added a section to each bridge page for showing "related" bridges. For example, if one bridge replaced another one, that relationship can be shown, with links from one to the other. Look for the "Add related bridge" admin links to create these relationships.

  • Search engine: Keyword searches will now look for the entire phrase, instead of just matching any of the words. If you prefer the old method, you can go to the Search page and check the "Match any word" box.

  • Facts and figures: The new Website Statistics shows a quick summary of the bridges that are posted to the site, broken down by status and design.

  • Random county: In addition to the Random Bridge link, you can try out the Random County link to explore another part of the country.

  • To-do list: The To-do pages has been expanded to include more bridges that need attention, including those bridges that have had a sudden jump in their sufficiency rating, which usually means they've been replaced by UCEBs.

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Assorted site updates
Posted November 15, 2011, by Todd D. Walker (mrwalk11 [at] hotmail [dot] com)

This is the Warren deck truss the CSX mainline uses to cross the Auglaize River in Defiance Ohio. I walked across this highrise a few times as a boy. With a new intermodel terminal open now in North Baltimore, Ohio, plus increased law presence, it is much harder to get near the bridge.