Beaufort County

Battery Creek Bridge   [Map]
Bridge over Battery Creek on South Carolina State Route 21
No longer exists
Built 1981
Broad River Bridge   [Map]
Stringer bridge over Broad River on SC 170
Open to traffic
Built 2004
Broad River Draw Bridge   [Map]
Lost swing bridge over Broad River Draw Bridge on SC 170
used as a fishing pier
Built 1958; replaced 2004
CSX - Coosaw River Bridge   [Map]
Bridge over Coosaw River on CSX RR
Built 1917
Harbor River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Swing bridge over Harbor River on US 21
Open to traffic
Built 1939
SCL - Broad River Trestle   [Map]
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over Broad River on Abandoned Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Built ca 1915; Abandoned 1978; Burned 1984
SCL - Combahee River Bridge   [Map]
Lost Bridge over Combahee River on Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Built 1917
SCL - Huspa Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Huspa Creek on Seaboad Coast Line Railroad
Built 1917
Whale Branch Fishing Pier   [Map]
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Whale Branch on Fishing Pier
Removed but not replaced
Built by Atlantic Coast Line; line sold to Port Royal RR (operation of SC Port Authority) 1985; Abandoned 2006, Swing span removed 2012; Converted to a fishing pier 2013
Wimbee Fishing Pier   [Map]
Girder bridge over Wimbee Creek on Fishing Pier
Open to pedestrians only
Built 1917
Woods Memorial Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Swing bridge over Beaufort River on Business US 21 in Beaufort
Open to traffic
Built 1960